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Mode of action of AgriLife Rootambio® constituents:

• Deep proliferation of roots

• Robust vegetative growth

• Disease suppression

• Drought tolerance


• Nitrogen fixing bacteria helps fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil

• Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria helps better solubilization of fixed phosphorus

• Potassium mobilizing bacteria - Potash is an expensive element and usually gets leached out. The bacteria mobilize potassium and makes this available to the plant

• Mycorrhiza colonize in root system and extend hyphae beyond the root system. This extended root system reaches out into zones normally not accessed by the root. This ensures plants getting more phosphorus and other micro nutrients from ‘far away’ zones. Mycorrhiza offers unique bio stimulant properties that enhance tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress


• Silica solubilizing bacteria impart drought tolerance and promote robust plant growth

• Bacillus spp promotes a healthy root system and has a fungistatic action

• Trichoderma spp decomposes biomass in soil and has a fungistatic action

• Organic acids and enzymes secreted by the microbes help in mobilizing various fixed elements in the soil



• Organic carbon offers a congenial micro environment, increased organic carbon for growth and development of beneficial microbes

• Seaweed fermentation derivatives contain cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins and betaines which aid in cell multiplication, cell elongation and vegetative growth

• Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin derived from enzyme hydrolysis process contain useful amino acids that help in robust plant growth



• Ascorbic acid and Thiamine help address abiotic stress management of crops

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